Last Man Standing

And the crowd goes wild

It was the best moment of my entire life. Finally unshackled from the ponderous weight of the bus, unfettered by the millstone we’ve wrapped around our necks in the form of unproductive members of the group, I hopped on my bike and drove off to scout for the group. First, I drove down the freeway. Cars were missing from the directions that we needed to go. After a couple of miles we found a pileup of cars…beneath us.

Ethan decided to light the cars on fire. After that, we got off of the free way…and immediately ran into a group of zombies. I was off like a shot pulling the zombies away from the rest of the group. Everything was going great. Well, a couple of the Zed were actually running, but nothing compared to my bike.

It was hardly any time before we ran into a little…snag. There were Zzz in front of us as well as behind. Without a moment thought I used a car as a ramp and jumped the curb doing a full 360 spin. I landed perfectly and took off leading a new group of zombozos down the street.

Again, everything was going swimmingly. Until I ran into another group of the oldie moldy. Ok, so not so moldy. Anyway, I jumped another car, zipped past the new group of the walking shred and caught up with the rest of the group. Hey, if you don’t believe me, then just ask Ethan. HE was there the entire time.



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