Last Man Standing

Another One Drives the Bus... and Uncle Phil's place

Hello everyone in the audience, its Apachai!!

Welcome to Apachai’s journal!!!! Apachai normally just does all the fighting, but today you all get to see another side of Apachai that even Apachai didn’t know was there. So I’m gonna tell you a little story about what Apachai did today!!!!!!!

So Apachai got to drive the bus again today!!!!!!!! And we started to head towards the farm. And Apachai go to drive the bus again!! With Amber and the two brothers. We left the armored car place and Mama had a very good idea. Mama is such a nice lady!! Apachai likes Mama. She left a warning for other people so they could use our safe spot after we left!! Mama is such a nice lady!!! So Apachai go to drive the bus some more cuz everyone thinks Apachai is the best bus driver!

During our travels (while Apachai was driving the bus of course) we ran into a few zombies. or zeds. or something. Apachai doesn’t know what they are anymore. There were some around the gas station we stopped at. And of course everyone did a REEEAAAALLY good job at killing them!!!! Apachai was so proud. We also saw a bird watcher!! Mama and E Squared and Little John didn’t seem to like him very much. And we even got to hear him on the radio talking to his boss Mr. Pin. The guys didn’t like Mr. Pin either. Oh well, I guess you can’t be friends with everyone, but Apachai would like to try!! If you read this Mr. Pin, I hope you have a good time in your “territory”!!!! Let Apachai know if you want me to come and visit ok???

Our last stop was to visit Uncle Phil. Apachai drove all the way there on the bus! Uncle Phill was kind of a scary guy. I think there is something wrong with him cuz he wants to be friends with the zombie zed things. He even had some locked in his barn… I won’t ask him what he was gonna do with those. Anyway we went in there to go kill them cuz they are bad. They were tough, but we won!!! Uncle Phill got really sad afterwards so I hope he is ok.

Well that’s all I got for now audience!! I’ll see you next time!
Apapapapppapapa!! Apa!!



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