Last Man Standing

Armored- I Just Want My Jeep

Lets Get Outta Here!

So, we got an armored car… whoo… I am so happy… not…
I just feel like we are zombie bait. I want to go somewhere safe, leave the kids behind, and then come up with a plan. Meanwhile, my buddy E2 is showing off. I mean, he is a fine bike rider, but doing wheelie jumps around zombies strikes me as a bit much. He did pull it off, and a lot more… probably saved all our lives. So for that I am very thankful.
I am really worried about this group. E2 I trust completely, and I know that Little John has an inner strength that will always come through. Little John and Ethan Howle have surprised me, though. They have too big hearts. We never should have taken in all these extra folks, yet our small group of 5 has grown to 10- yes doubled!! Ethan is a good guide, but has been indecisive in the city. Then there is the quiet one, Apachai. He also seems to have a big heart, but who really knows- the boy, who trounced folks on TV, is so quiet it is alarming! I like him, he fights well, but we don’t ever know what he is thinking.
So hoping we get out of here soon, to Ethan’s farm, and drop off the others. Would love to keep the sorority kid, Amber but I think she will have to stay with the children. Mary-Jo is one I have not quite figured out. She is a fearless fighter, but again, seems to want to save everyone.

How come people just don’t understand, this is the apocalypse…. You cannot save everybody!

Journal Entry by April on September 22nd, 2015

Picture from Brinks.



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