Last Man Standing

Can of Tuna

boxed in


I am writing like you are just fine and safe in ole Texas.

Ever was on a bus with a big ole dog?

It was supposed to be a hunting trip; not the end of the world! I have never been more confused as to what to believe. Poor ole Rufus is confused when he’s given orders to attack. He was a dog fighting dog. I suppose that to him the target dies when you kill him, but we aint never killed people/things/zombies. Dangum, I should take up smoking like Daddy did just to ease my nerves. It doesn’t help that April, that sweet hottie was bit by one of those mutants or that E-Squared was too. E-Squared…. I wish that we hadn’t tied him up when he was bit. The guy had to face down an uzi in the hands of some prepubescent punk.

Story goes like this. We’s looking for supplies when we comes across this chick and two kids and one of those little turds is caring an uzi. Can’t rightly blame ‘m as theres the walking dead an all. Well we put it to a vote and let them on the bus. Cant score with a hottie when you throw the young’ns to the dogs and zombies. Well the kid comes on with the uzi still loaded and notices that E-Square is bit and he wants to shoot ‘m. This leads to a verbal fight that is a yelling match. Its a good thing that the ruckus drew the attention of all those dead because that squirt would of dun it too. I hate that kid. He reminds me too much of those neighbor kids that used to live next to me being all noisy and stuff. I just hope to God I don’t have to shoot him. Let E-Square do it.

The trip to the store produced a scrawny guy that was insistent that he bring his bike on the trip. The apocalypse has lead to the loot’n and rob’n. I think that the zombies are going to get the upper hand if this thing continues. I mean who is going to loot the dead; the idiots will, that’s who. The heard will be thinned real quick if we are not careful.

I think that the only rest that we are going to ever get is is in peace.

God help us all,




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