Last Man Standing

Ceilings and Skies

Waiting to turn into a zombie is BOOOOORING!!!!!

My arm is throbbing a bit as I lie here looking at the roof of the bus. I’d look at anything else if I could see it, but being chained to the floor kind of prevents that.

So, all I get to look at is the ceiling as we begin to move away from April’s house.

How could I have been so stupid. I knew the risks, and here I’d already been bit by one of these slow buggers. I was trying to be macho, something really not in my personality, and I got what every macho idiot I’d ever seen has achieved: I fell flat on my face.

We’re on our way to the hardware store for some sledge hammers and some more crowbars. Personally I’m going to keep using my katana on the zombies, but it will be a good weapon for everyone else.

Every once in a while I catch a flash of something in the mirror at the front of the bus, and then it’s gone.

I really would like to get up now. At least sit me up in a seat, or something. Let me look out the dang window. I don’t say any of this, of course, but my hints aren’t getting through to these guys. About now I really wish that I’d said nothing about zombie bites, but it’s too late for that. I was more worried about the safety of the group than how boring it would be to get turned into a zombie.

There’s no pain, other than the slight throbbing of a wound. No fever setting in. No hallucinations. I almost wish that there were hallucinations. Then at least I’d have something to look at.

Nope, I just get the play of shadows along the roof of Ethan’s bus.

We pull over at the small hardware store that is our first destination, and I see a white van in the mirror at the front of the bus. So apparently, someone has made it here before us. People pile out of the van, and I hear the grunts and moans of fighting zombies coming from the direction of the store. More than ever I want to get free. I want to get out of these bonds and do something.

As I struggle a bit, a chain hits my chest at exactly the wrong angle, and I feel a stab of pain. This pisses me off even more. Not only do I have to be tied up, something I never liked, but I have to keep pretending about who I am.

That is an easy choice, even if it’s not one that I particularly like. The post apocalyptic world is not the place to transition.

It still makes me angry. And I’m bored.

As I’m stewing in my own juices I hear the sound of automatic gunfire coming from the side of the bus opposite to the store. Some moron is making there presence known to every Zed in a multi-block radius. Here I got myself hurt trying to keep Zeds from knowing where we were, and some trigger happy idiot is emptying clips in and obvious lack of any trigger control.

Even a novice should know that you never rock and roll on a real target. Three round bursts. That is all you really need when it comes down to it.

Ethan lets them onto the bus, and for the first time I want to kill one of the members of our party. It’s not really Ethan’s fault that he wants to help people, but letting idiots into our group is an easy way to destroy group unity, if not get us killed outright.

And then I see the person with the gun. Some kid. A kid with a chip on his shoulder no less. Something snaps in me the moment he turns his gun on me. He’s going to kill me because I might turn into a zombie.

I lay into the kid and rip him a new one about the way in which he is taking on Zed. We’re running from a supply point because he couldn’t keep it in his pants, so to speak.

He tries to act as if my words have no effect on him, but I can see the change in body language that signifies he is listening. I think it also helps that I am not treating him like a kid and saying something stupid like ‘guns bad.’ I am telling him that his use of guns at the wrong time will get all of us killed.

Amber, the girl that came in with the two kids, has an easy beauty that I envy. I would have liked to be her in another life, I think.

Regardless, she knows that she needs to keep the two kids, Kyle the gun toting maniac, and James in line. They are her responsibility.

We pull up somewhere else, and again people pile out. And then the supplies begin to roll in. During one of the drop offs I mention that they should look for a padlocked door as there is likely a store room in this type of place. I can see through the open door at the back of the bus that this is more of an independent hardware store than a super store. Locked store rooms make me happy.

They find the room, and something else: Amir. The kid acts a bit autistic and would likely be termed high functioning. He has tics like any other autistic would, but they’re something that we can live with. He might even surprise us in the future with his ability to ignore the world around him in the face of adversity.

We quickly strip the store of everything that is in any way useful and are beginning to get into the odds and ends when everyone piles back in and we are on our way again.

As we drive, I catch a flash of red from the mirror and call for everyone to stop. We have found one of the holy grails. A fire engine. Big, tough, and able to carry water.

April comes onto the bus.

“I was bitten by one of those zombies, and nothing is happening to me. I don’t think that being bit does anything with these zombies.”

There it is. They unchain me. I surreptitiously rub my chest and get off the bus. The sky is beautiful and blue and I have never been happier to see it in my whole life. Then I see the fire engine. It is in waist high grass, for me, which means it is about four feet deep. I climb onto the fire engine, having moved there ahead of the rest of the group. and see movement, and human sized holes, in the grass.

“Zombies!” I yell out and pull one of the books of matches from my pocket. Knowing that a single match would burn out as it fell, I slight the book on fire and drop it into the dry grass.

“Burn, Bitches!!!” I yell as the grass ignites and the flames engulf the field. I’ve ruined the fire engine, but it’s death enabled the destruction of at least five of our enemy.

At this point I realize there is another car with us. A van more specifically. The white one from the first hardware store. Mary, the woman driving, pulls out a saws-all and strips the wheels and bearings from the fire engine.

We get on the road and get down to business over the radios. The first item of business is to establish how people will get into this group. I bring up a vote to make Amber a voting member of the group. They let Mary in without my noticing, but this way we would all know who would be in the leadership, and who is just a survivor.

We passed the entry of Amber into the group unanimously.

Next up we need to decide where we are going. Armored cars are perfect platforms to use on scavenging runs into the city. Mary finds one in her GPS and she also wants to head south to the refinery in College Park. And here the argument begins. Some of us want to just go to Ethan’s farm and cut our losses. Some want to get the Armored Car and the Tanker truck and then go to the farm.

I propose a compromise that seems to have everyone in agreement. First, as we’re almost there, we go to the Armored Car company and acquire at least one. Then we head to the farm and drop off all non essential vehicles and people.

Once that’s done, we drive in an armored car to get the concertina wire that will aid us in our defense of the farm.

Journal Entry by Edward Ethan on September 22nd, 2015

Picture by Free Wallpapers Hut.








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