Last Man Standing

Pin Head Voodoo

Voodoo We Don't Understand

Chillun, there be much more. Now we be heading to the City that Care Forgot. Fat City. GNO. N’awlins.
That is right, we are going to be going to New Orleans. The chillun’ we were traveling with are safe, and it is time we be goin’…No gumbo ya-ya… Mama is talkin’
Back to “American”- We are safe, the children are safe. We are leaving Amber in charge. With the Crazy Uncle still around, we all think it is best.
I will not bore you with an incident that hammered his craziness down solid- let us just say that even his workers had a few screws loose. The fact that E2 somehow did not kill him is still amazing to me.
We then decided to try and get rid of the burr in our collective butt- Pin Head. Unfortunately, he is a little chicken livered ….. ok, talking to little ones, so lets just label him as King Jerk. He let us believe he was at a Wegmans, and through some sort of voodoo magic, got the drop on us. We still prevailed- Mary Jo drove the armored into the mall- she and Little John took on the lower floor, and then went up behind me and E2. We expected an army- we got 3… yet they injured us. Lordy be, we were cursed.
We have decided we are safer where voodoo hit the states, rather than deal with this unknown voodoo that makes no sense- Pin Head voodoo- we should have known with pins in his name that voodoo magic would be involved.

Journal Entry by April on September 25th, 2015.

Picture from WRAL.



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