Last Man Standing

Society Lost

Crazy Phil


Its already starting, people are losing their ever loving minds. I thought that once we were out’a town we’d see less and less of the crazy shit (sorry mamma for my tongue). The country side was nice to see and I had thought that for a moment that we’d see the more sane.

On our way out of town we were watched by a urban tribe that looked like they were as sharp as daddy but twice as crazy. They even told us by radio that they wanted our armored car. I fear that our rejection of their proposal is going to bit us in the… uh… rear. Sorry mamma, Aprils excitement is contagious.

When we got to this Uncle’s house it seemed like all was well but Phil (thats Ethens uncle’s name), was not all there and he had locked all of his undead friends in the barn. I am just glad that we found out while it was still light out. He had 11 bodies of those ‘zeds’ (as E-Square likes to call them) in there. Nearly a dozen! And they is meaner then a rabid dog hopped up on speed. You remember cousin Lawrence when he was hopped up on drugs. He was fast twitchy and crazy. Well save for the twitching, that’s what these… uh… things were.

I am still getting used to using a dog in combat. Rufus gets nervous when we attack the undead but I am working on him so that we get better and better. Our last fight though was painful one of those ‘zeds’ got me and Rufus. Nearly tore my arm off and bit a big chunk out of Rufus’ hip. It hurts like you cannot believe.

April plans on doing some crazy experiments with those corpses with me as an assistant. I told you being a vet was going to pay off and now I am working to save my part of the world. I do not know when I will see you again and I do not know why I even keep a record (perhaps to tell the secret of winning this war) but until we get a cure for being undead I think that I will keep writing.

I fear that we have touched on the surface of what is going on.



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