Last Man Standing

Farmers Market

I tell ya what. I am going to go plum crazy like the rest of the world if I do not find a sane person that is outside our group. Today we made a plan to go to New Orleans (Yea I know that you hate the place, Pa on the account that your prejudice, but you’re just going to have to get used to the fact that I don’t find the place that bad). At any rate, We made a plan and route for where we were going, however we had a problem, the King Pin. What do we do with him?

There was a fella that came to the farm (I heard that he was a farm-hand named… uh I forgot). At any rate this numb nut decides to talk trash to one of the ladies of our group and our resident tough guy punches him. I am pretty sure that it broke ribs because of that nose bleed he got. The guy doesn’t get the hint and keeps it up. Another fist misses and hits the barn; broke a hole. Guy still is a dick. Get hit one more time and should of passed out from such a hit but finally get the hint and apologies. Something is up with that guy. I hope that I never see him again.

After coordinating and thinking it though we thought that the tyrant needs to be knocked down a notched or two. We found a department store that some of his lackeys were roosting in and stormed the place. There was a little planning (perhaps too little) and after we found that there was guys on the roof we raced for the door and the doorman was caught unprepared. I was stuck in the jeep still when the guys stormed the place but was able to get in when I hit the gas to the door, then the brakes, screeched to a halt and jumped out leaving the van running.

When I got inside I found one guy that had already taken it in the leg. Knowing of the guys on the roof I demanded that the guy surrender and call for a surrender. He, in his pain refused (dumb smuch) and got a shot in the other leg that he had that was healthy. Should of figured that it’d kill’m. By the time that I was ready to help the guys upstairs on the roof the matter was over and we were on our way. We found out some details from the guys that surrendered on the roof and we are heading there now. That Pin Head fella is got to have more resource then he is letting on. Three guys guarding a store I figure was a bate trap.

Time will tell.

Journal Entry by Little John on September 25nd, 2015 Picture by Goku and Trunks.



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