"Little John"

Hound Master


Name: Matthew Moody aka “Little John or ‘LJ’”
Rank: 4th Level
Race: Human

HT 6’6" Save vs Spell 0
WT 330 lbs Save vs ritual 0
P.P.E. 2 Save vs Psionic 0
HP 19 (19) Save vs Toxin 0
S.D.C. 64 (60) Save vs Poison 0
Level 4 Save vs Drugs 0
Exp. 8500 Save vs Insanity 0
Birthday 4/8/73 (age 42 ) Save vs Possession 0
Save vs Horror 2
Cash $140,000 in bank Save vs Coma/Death 0
Alignment Unprincipled Save vs Disease 0
ISP N/A Save vs Mind control (Drugs, Charms, Potions) 0
Attribute Score A Bonus COMBAT Bonus
Intelligence Quotient 13 0 Strike +0
Mental Endurance 11 0 Parry +2
Mental Affinity 28 94% Dodge +2
Physical Strength 13 0 Roll +3
Physical Prowess 12 0 Pull +2
Physical Endurance 7 0 Initiative +0
Physical Beauty 14 0 Damage +0
Physical Speed 18 0 Entangle +0
Hand to Hand: Basic 1
Perception 1
Attacks 4
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Rate of Fire Thrown Range
Knife 1 2 2 2 40 feet
Targeting 1 1 2 varies
Rifle 1 2 varies
Shotgun 1 2 varies
Weapons: Damage S.D.C. or Make Range Rounds
12 Gage Shotgun(2) 5D6/1D6X10 American 150 feet 6
Hunting Rifle 5D6 Hunting 2000 feet 10
Hand Pistol 4D6 American 135 feet 6
Crowbar 2D6
Survival Knife 2D4
Armor AR SDC Penalty
(Not Owned/ Wishlist)Full suit riot 14 180 -12%
Half Armor 10 (A.R. 12 against zombies) 50 -0
O.C.C. Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Dog Empathy 58+4 0 1 3 70%
Train Dogs 50+5 0 1 3 65%
Animal Husbandry (2) 45+5 35 1 3 95%
Biology 40+5 15 1 3 70%
Breed Dogs (2) 40+5 40 1 3 95%
First Aid 45+5 20 1 3 80%
Chemistry 50+5 20 1 3 85%
Toxicology 40+5 10 1 3 65%
Veterinarian Science (2) 50+4 25 1 3 86%
Zoology 30+5 15 1 3 60%
O.C.C. Related Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Brewing 25/30+5 15 1 3 55/60%
Brewing:Medical 25/30+5 15 1 3 55/60%
Climb 40/30+5 10 1 3 65/55%
Herding 30+5 10 1 3 55%
Pilot: Auto 60+3 10 1 3 79%
Hunting - - 1 3 —%
Land Navigation 36+4 10 1 3 58%
Prowl 25+5 10 1 3 45%
Swimming 50+5 5 1 3 70%
Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 20 1 3 55/65%
Secondary Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Body Building 1 3
Sign Language 50+5 5 1 3 70%
Body Building 3 3
Physical Labor 3 3
Common to all Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Language: American 88+1 0 1 3 91%
Literacy: American 80+2 0 1 3 86%
Basic: Math 72+3 0 1 3 781%
Pilot: Auto 60+3 0 1 3 69%
Traveling clothes, a second set of street clothes, running shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, a leather jacket, one full suit of light modern body armor of choice (riot gear) rain poncho, 3 sets of camouflage netting (blanket sized), box cutter (1D4 SDC), heavy-duty flashlight, one small flashlight, pocket mirror, a disposable cigarette lighter, a box of wooden matches, roll of duct tape, set of eating utensils, binoculars, walkie-talkie, sunglasses, two canteens, backpack, duffel bag, knapsack, food rations (7 days) and personal items.
Tools of the Trade:
2 extra (dog sized) blankets, 1 large sack, 2 medium sacks, 8 animal snares, 3 medium animal cages, one large animal cage, 14 dog collars, 9 dog leashes, 5 dog muzzles, a dog whistle, flea powder, two dozen flea collars, a box of treats, a big bag of dry dog food, first aid kit for K9’s, basic care items for animals.
Skills not mentioned
Species: Mastiff
Sense Undead: 250 feet
Smell: 1500 feet
Alignment: Principled
Speed: 30 MPH
Hit Points: 20 (20)
SDC: 36 (17)
Life Span:7 years (give or take a few months)
PPE: 15
Natural abilities: Night-vision 100 feet, Prowl 45%, Tracking (by smell) 60%, Swim 65%, Leap 4 feet, Bite 1D10
Typical Bonuses: +2 to initiative, +2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +1 to entangle, +2 vs. Horror Factor. APM: 3
Mastiff (Rufus) perks up in times of danger, may bark at the direction of danger/warning (50%).

Matt loves to be bad and selfish but sucks at it. Usually a moral compass comes along and puts him on the straight and narrow. He can be crass and rude and tells dirty jokes but he has a heart of gold. Being evil has sucked for him so long that he could not drowned kittens because eventually someone would convince him not to (think of ‘Despicable Me’).

Growing up in a large home (four brothers and four sisters) life on the farm was full of life and fun. The whole family ran the farm with chores galore. Hard work and family built the warm heart that he has. The reason why he is so selfish is that a tractor accident killed his dad and two brothers. he was so hurt from the experience that he left the farm when he went to pursue his education.

Being a cowboy at heart he could not leave a little town called El Paso. He wanted to leave the cowboy life style; a life that he thought was full of… yeah. He went to the “big city” to get away from his old life but being an animal person he turned to veterinary science. Initially he didn’t want to have dogs (or any other animal for that matter) but his selfish heart warmed to a wounded puppy named Rufus who his sister nursed back to health. With no place to put Rufus and not wanting to give him back to the dog fighters who hurt him in the first place, the dog was given to Matt as a gift.

For about a month the cowboy complained about the dog (Rufus is huge and his personality reminded him of his lost brothers). “Where should I put him? How come he keeps slobbering? Sheryl, you complicated my life!” This went on for about two weeks. It was at that time that Rufus saved the home from a break in that changed Matt’s mind. The two intruders had no idea that Matt had acquired a dog (though no one can really see how as the size of the dog is so big) but after breaking in, they were attacked by Rufus. Before they could get to their weapons, Matt showed up with his; a twelve gauge pointed right at their crotches. Ordered to let go, Rufus obeyed and the friendship started.

Rufus is now a five year old dog that has watched as Matt come from being fiercely out for number one to being one who would give the shirt off his back (with a little coaxing). He has watch Matt turn to an excellent dog trainer and vet. He spends most of his days with Matt in the office lounging around while Matt works to train other dogs. He was there when Matt graduated, started working for the big company and now spends most of his time keeping Matt on the side of good. Matt is a bit hard nosed on things but he sometimes comes around.

Matt knows nothing of zombies. Doesn’t watch movies of horror (though his sister does) or read novels of such. He would rather listen to classical music and yell at the neighbors children (cant stay mad at them forever). Rufus is probably the only reason to leave the house some days (for walks (runs?) and… you know) and although Matt is a runner he doesn’t like to do it but the dog makes him.

For a small time Matt worked with handicap children and learned sign language and braille but he couldn’t stand how children were; being helpless and ‘broken’. Because he could not fix it, he left the profession. Now he works with dogs full time and teaches them techniques that would be useful as a service or police dog.

Recently at work he has met April, a sweet girl that he thought was helpless but when she assaulted her attacker. The doctor reassured him that she was fine after taking down the assailant. The two talked about Rufus for several hours after the assailant was arrested for assault. The doctor shows some concern for his weight and encourages him to take Rufus walking more often and even takes time to call him at his home to ‘check on Rufus’. ‘LJ’ has taken this with stride as he knows that she is checking on him and not the dog. Sometimes the two go and see the doctor for a chance for drinks.

Occasionally Matt and Rufus visit Matt’s parents in El Paso or calls his sisters in Dallas (all four live there now). His brothers, one lives in Cincinnati and the other in Pittsburgh so he doesn’t hear much from them.

At nights when the day is done Matt and Rufus spend their time watching comedies and dramas, read a good book (sometimes ‘the’ good book) and then go to bed. Their lives (he hopes) will never change.

"Little John"

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