Last Man Standing

AUGH!! Zombies!
My life is a sitcom

I have no idea of what is going on. Yesterday things were normal. Me an Rufus did our daily sweep, went home after work and watched the news. Today is a nightmare. We were going to do a commercial shoot and now we are running for our lives…. from the living dead. I ain’t never had to run from no dead before and now it hell in a hand basket. I am just glad that my friends are with me and that my family,… wait my family is in trouble. I am here in a deserted town and I am certain that I will need to get a hold of ma and pa to insure that they’s ok. Lucky us we have an ex-military gal and a movie wiz on zombies; so a gun totter and and a brain (brains.. funny). There is a fighter guy (I don’t follow the sport too closely) and a back woods fox trainer (if that makes sense).

We were going to do a simple trip with friends to go shooting after the commercial. It was supposed to be a simple trip. Maybe some fishing and drinking, definitely some laughs. Ms. Wine told us not to get the immunization shot and thank God we didn’t. Now the whole world is dropping like flies and we are on the run.

Where do you run when the world has gone mad with disease and death? We are doomed.


Journal Entry by Little John on September 22nd, 2015

Picture by Fishing WS.







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