Aprils duffel

List of Equipment:
Inventory: Military fatigues, dress uniform, street clothes, boots, gloves, rain poncho, large camouflage netting, first aid kit, heavy flashight, small flashlight, refillable lighter, disposable lighter, book of matches, roll of duct tape, set of utensils, binoculars, walkie-talkie, sunglasses, 2 canteens, backpack, duffle bag, knapsack, 1 week food rations, tent, bedroll, personal items.
Ammo: 240 rounds rifle
4 Road Flares
3 Smoke Grenades
4 Hand grenades
Medical Supplies:
Portable Stretcher
1 bottle Lidocain
1 Bottle Novocain
1d4 Antibiotics
1d8 Bandages
Sutures (8 small cuts worth)
1d10 Needles/Syringes
1d10 Masks
1d6 Large Bandages
1d4 Splints
1d3 Iodine
1d4 Medium Bandages
3d6x10 Band Aids
Portable Defibrillator
1d6 Bottles Aspirin
1d8 Boxes Tampons/Sanitary Napkins
Portable Heart Monitor
1d4 Bottles Penicillin
1d4 Epipen
2 small packages InsulinCloth Tape
1d4 tubes Neosporin
A Big Pot
8 Cloth rags
Pathology lab
Portable GPS






Aprils duffel

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