Classes Available to Players
Hound Master (Filled)
*The Hound Master is skilled with dogs. He uses them to his advantage in combat and as his few remaining friends. (Alignments: Any but leans toward good.)

Reaper+ (Filled)
*The Reaper is the classic biker persona. This is one tough son of a gun. His main goal is to kill any undead in his path. Did I mention he is a skilled motorcyclist? That is if he can find one and gas in this new world. (Alignments: Any, but most are Principled 25%, Scrupulous 40%, Unprincipled 20%, and Anarchist 10%)

Need some basic supplies? Well this guy has an abundance of them and more waiting in his secret caches hidden throughout the area. This guy knows how to sneak around and loot efficiently. (Alignments: Any, but typically Scrupulous 20%, Unprincipled 35%, and Anarchist 30%

Shepherd of the Damned
No man gets left behind with Shepherd of the Damned on the watch. If this guy hears that there may be survivors, well then he or she will do everything in his or her power to rescue them. This person knows a specific city almost like the back of their hand. The problem is can he remember the routes under pressure when zombies are cutting off his path? (Alignments: Any, but typically Principled 30%, Scrupulous 40%, and Unprincipled 20%)

Soldier+ (Filled)
These guys made a living out of serving in arms in some way or another. This person could be a military personnel, SWAT member, or even a security guard. All you need to know is they are a weapons expert and you don’t want to be standing on the other end of their barrel. (Alignments: Any, but typically Principled 30%, Scrupulous 30%, Unprincipled 30%)

Survivor? Everyone is technically a survivor. The way this class shines is it allows you to pick skills mostly from scratch. You are most likely in the private sector or are still working your way up into it. You may be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, or who knows what. You are by no means any less than the ones above. Did I mention you level faster as well? (Alignments: Any)

*For now I prefer that there be only two maximum per class except for survivor which may have an unlimited amount. Some may only have one as denoted with a “+”.
*Remember that Anarchist is the closest to evil you can be. Also do not forget to read the CAMPAIGN RULES and sign it.







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