It is the year 2015 and things have never been better. While civilization has not had major changes in technology such as flying cars or lasers like people of the past thought would be the case, there have been other major advancements. Genetics has been a huge key in the world’s success and population growth. The population sits happily at around 7.75 billion people. The reasons for this boom have been the reduction of famines due to resistant and hardy strains of crops, water made available for easy access in developing countries, and the development of vaccines for current dangers to health. The most prominent vaccine being for HIV AIDS which was released in the first quarter of 2012 as a surprise to many pharmaceutical corporations. While this does not remove it completely from the person’s system(They are still a carrier of the disease.), they are completely free of any issues that this would cause to the person’s health. The cure works by creating a hyperactive immune system within the person that attacks virtually most diseases or infections that may be caused. However, this can prove to be fatal to those without the affliction of HIV. This is cause enough for a celebration, but today is the day everyone has been waiting for. For today the cure for cancer is released as a low cost vaccine. People have been waiting in lines for several days to be the first to be vaccinated. The company making the vaccine has petitioned to be pushed through the FDA regulations to meet the release world wide simultaneously. After the presentation of several studies and documents, the FDA has succumbed to the whims of the people by allowing Americans to coincide with this world release. This miracle has come at a time where humanity is in its prime. Virtually nothing can stand in its way now or can it?







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