Quick Reference Bonuses & Penalties

All Ranged Attacks: Requires a roll of 8 to strike (including W.P. & Sniping bonuses)
Aimed Shot: + 2 to strike (takes 2 attacks).
Called Shot: No bonus, but enables the character to get a bead on very small or difficult specific targets ( counts as two melee attacks; possible penalties for small targets).
“Aimed” Called Shot: + 2 to strike, but can target very small, specific items and areas ( takes three attacks; possible penalties for small targets).
Called Shot to Small Target: -3, -4 or more
Shooting Blind: -10 to strike.
Shooting Bursts: Strike bonuses reduced by 1/2 (-3 to strike without W.P.).
Shooting Wild: -6 to strike.
Shooting 30% Beyond Normal Range: -5 to strike.
Target is Moving: -1 to strike, -1 additional per 50mph beyond 20 mph and -1 for evasive action.
Target is Behind Cover: Requires Called Shot, impossible if complete cover.
Dodging Gunfire, within 10 feet: -10 to dodge
Dodging Gunfire, within 50 feet: -5 to dodge
No Weapon Proficiency: Can NOT make an Aimed Shot or a Called Shot and sufferes a -3 to strike with burst attacks, -5 to strike when shooting a machine gun or other heavy weapon, and -6 when shooting wild.

Saving Throws:
Curses: 15 or better
Disease: 14 or better
Lethal Poison: 14 or better
Non-Lethal Poison: 16 or better
Harmful Drugs: 15 or better
Acids: No save possible – dodge!
Insanity: 12 or better (sometimes higher).
Magic: 12-16 vs spells. 16+ to save vs ritual magic.
Psionics: Varies; 15 for ordinary people and animals.

Damage Listing by Caliber
.22 caliber – 2d4 damage
.32 A.C.P. caliber – 2d6 damage
.32 Long – 3d6 damage
.38 caliber – 3d6 damage
.38 Power caliber – 4d6 damage
.45 A.C.P. – 4d6 damage
.41 Magnum – 5d6 damage
.44 Magnum – 6d6 damage
.357 Magnum – 4d6 damage
9mm & 7.65mm (pistol) – 3d6 damage
10mm (pistol) – 4d6 damage
5.56mm (rifle) -4d6 damage
7.5mm (rifle) – 4d6 damage
7.62mm (rifle) -5d6 damage
.30 caliber (rifle) – 4d6 damage
.50 caliber (rifle) -6d6 damage
40 mm Grenade Cartridge – 2d4x10 damage
.30 Caliber Machine-Gun – 1d4x10 damage
.50 Caliber Machine-Gun 1d6x10 damage

Tracer: Range reduced 10-20% (in machine guns placed once every 10 rounds around belt)
- +1 (Single Shot), +2 (burst fire)

Hollow Point: +3 damage to organic beings

Full Metal Jacket: +1d6 damage

Armor Piercing/ Teflon (KTW Rounds): +1d6 damage and lower the AR by 2 for person using those rounds (but NOT zombies)

Exploding/Mercury-Tipped Shells: Used in pistols, 40% chance to prematurely rupture the shell in burst fire, +2d6 damage, but reduces range by 10%

Range and Features

Low Caliber Pistols: (.22 caliber, .25 caliber, 6.35 mm or even .32 caliber and 7.65 caliber pistol and revolver rounds) Do Half Normal Damage to main body and limbs of zombie; 10% to head and neck; Called Shots apply when aiming for body parts
Range: 115 Feet

Medium to Heavy Handguns: Full damage; Called Shots apply when aiming for body parts
Range: 135 Feet

Submachine-Guns: Burst fire only, cannot be used to make called shots; likely to spray and hurt innocent bystanders or teammates
Range:500 Feet

Range: 150 Feet (Sawed-Off 60 feet but large spray)

Rifles: Called Shots apply when aiming for body parts
Range: 2,000 Feet (increase by 30% for a sniper rifle)

Machine-Gun Military
Range: Light:2,000 feet, Medium: 3,000 feet Heavy: 4,000 feet

Horror Factor
-Must roll like a parry at the beginning of each encounter
Failed Roll: Character loses initiative, loses one attack/melee action, and cannot defend himself (no parry or dodge) against the creature’s first attack of that melee round. Character quickly snaps out and is able join combat that same melee. By the second melee round, the character has completely recovered and functions as normal; roll initiative and continue as usual.

Distance Traveled Per Melee Round Measured in Yards/Meters (15 secs.) = Speed x 5
Distance Traveled Per Attack = Distance Traveled Per Melee Round / Number of Attacks







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